Practical Advice For The Introvert Presenter

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 by Richard Tierney


Like Eyeful’s own presentation guru Simon Morton, most experts in the world of presentations are authorities on this subject, because they are actually really very good at standing up and presenting – and I mean, really, really good.

How have they become so great?

It’s because they’ve always been good – perhaps starting from a young as the class performer, or as a star of dramatic productions to become years later, great sales people, the ones who get rise up in business because they are just so visible.

These people are extroverts. They love the spotlight and they are great performers when they get in it, you can see the difference in people who love to present how their persona shifts a gear when in front of an audience.

These people have had a life time of practice and are great role models, for the likes of me and maybe you too.

You see, I’m an introvert.

And like most introverts I’ve always shunned the limelight, I’m a backstage kind of guy.

But, having spent my working life around several great performers I have had a chance to learn the tricks of the performing greats and become an accomplished, confident presenter. Something many introverted people could only dream of.

When I present these days, no longer am I filled with dread.

How can you do it?

The secret is preparation. Lots of it.

This is only mimicking a process most extroverts go through, but they can do it in second, we introvert’s take much longer. My advice is to write out – in full – the words you are going to say.

RT at TEDImportantly this needs to be written in the way you speak, not in the way that you write.

It may seem a subtle distinction but to write out the words you are actually going to say is terribly important.

At this point, the age old advice that “It’s not good to read a script” springs to mind, but bear with me…

Once you’ve prepared your script you can rehearse., which seems to be another thing extroverts don’t seem to need to do.

Then prepare your supporting visuals and rehearse some more.

If you rehearse, you will learn your presentation and gradually you won’t need the script. You will become more relaxed and your confidence will shine through on the stage.

The more you follow this path, the happier and more confident and indeed better you will be at presenting.

Of course sometimes you don’t have the luxury of time, but the process still works – read more about that here .

Join me and let’s show that we introvert’s can shine when it’s our turn on the stage…

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