We’ve come full circle – the enduring power of pen and paper

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 by Simon Morton


Today, whilst storyboarding a new presentation, I found myself gazing at my pencil and thinking, ‘how can such a simple thing be so damn powerful…”

You see, I’m old (and grey) enough to recall a time before email, the internet and smartphones…

These everyday pieces of tech have vastly increased the amount of work we produce each day, not to mention, how we produce it.

I look at the variety of daily tasks I find myself doing these days and it’s mind boggling. The pure volume of work seems like a million miles away from my first proper grown up job as a graduate trainee for a large insurance company…

Back then, hard copy policy documents, invoices and quotations were all paper documents that moved around the office (indeed, the country) in a slow but regular postal procession, which more often than not, accompanied by a hand written memo.

That’s right kids, we used a pen and paper to actually hand write messages to an unseen colleague (often based in Swindon for some reason).

If we needed to keep a copy, we used carbon paper, the 80’s version of ‘copy and paste’.

All of this paper based note writing though, left me with two skills…

– Improved/slightly less questionable handwriting
– The ability to think about what to write, before committing to paper. After all, the message had to fit on a small bit of paper and make sense!

Fast forward over 20 years and I’m still relying on these skills today…

Ok, so the handwriting has gone downhill (just ask any of my colleagues). But the ability to plan, ponder and consider all the options is something that now underpins pretty much everything Eyeful does.

Eyeful is a presentation company that covers all the areas of presentation creation.

Our core business is all about developing powerful structured presentation stories that connect with audience, before coupling this with outstanding visual design.

This approach to projects has led to great success, plaudits and recognition…

All of these successes stem from one thing, the ability to think and plan with nothing more than a pencil and paper (and a cuppa)…

Engaging and valuable presentation stories come from within (or, with a bit of prodding through a workshop).

Equally, powerful presentation visuals aren’t just reliant on brilliant designers – they start from clarity of thought.

All of Eyeful’s project planning begins with taking a step back and taking the time to review everything with an open mind, before planning the presentation on paper in the form of a storyboard.

So the next time you need to plan a presentation, we implore you to take time to plan, scribble and doodle with nothing more than paper and a pen and then and only then, fire up the PC.

The impact could be huge (just ask our clients).

If you need any help (or storyboard pads) you know where we are


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