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Thursday, November 12th, 2015 by Matt

Over the past 10 years, we’ve performed hundreds if not thousands of Presentation Healthchecks.

This is our (now) completely free service, where our seasoned presentation experts thoroughly review your presentation and provide honest feedback on what works, what doesn’t and what to do about it (with or without our help).

But our presentation is just fine”, we hear you cry…


With the constant change in technology and business, your once powerful presentation can quickly become out of date, in terms of its tone, message and structure.

Couple that with the fact that just 28% of business presentations are actually regularly reviewed and the reality scenario is a little more than alarming.

The Eyeful Healthcheck is your easy way to make sure your presentation stays on target.

It’s a well established service – and it’s just got better… Eyeful Presentations proudly present: the all new Presentation Healthcheck 2.0.

Step 1- Getting To Grips With Your Audience
The process now begins online, simply fill in our short online form, which will give us all the information we need to create you a high level Audience Heatmap.


This powerful piece of audience analysis will identify your audiences profile in the areas of Factual, Visionary or Emotional types of people (it first came to light in our founder’s acclaimed book, The Presentation Lab).

You dismiss your audience and its profile at your peril. Showing up and delivering the same tone of presentation to a range of different audiences is a recipe for disaster. It’s the equivalent of booking the same entertainment for a bachelor party and the subsequent wedding reception. These are clearly two different audiences who require two different types of engagement.
Simon Morton, The Presentation Lab


Step 2 – Maximising Your Presentation Potential
Eyeful have been working with companies large and small across the globe for over a decade, over this time we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t across all manner of different business presentations.

The Healthcheck allows us to firmly and honestly advise you on how to focus your presentation, in terms of structure, tone and objectives, to make sure it really connects with your audience on their terms.

We don’t just advise on content… Because we look beyond the slides, we can advise on you on the best tools and technology to use (Breaking News – PowerPoint and a projector aren’t the best solution for all occasions).

After you’ve submitted your audience information, you’ll be directed to an online file transfer site, where you can upload your presentation and send it to us securely and easily.


Step 3 – Into The Lab
Presentation experts with years of experience will then check your presentation thoroughly against your Audience Heatmap and advise where your presentation can be improved…

We’ll provide this in the form of a comprehensive report – detailing strengths and weaknesses and a benchmark against your market and audience type.

We’ll also provide a detailed “Action plan” with recommendations on how to improve your presentation and take it to the next level…
Healthcheck Stack for blogThen it’s up to you…

Follow our fiercely honest feedback and you’ll be on the road to giving presentations that get you the results you deserve for doing everything you can to deliver a great presentation…

What have you got to lose?

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