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An interesting new PowerPoint plugin appeared in my inbox recently, with a colleague asking my thoughts on it…

So in true Eyeful style, I’ve created an instructional review, so you can find how to get it and what we think about it – all in one place!

So, what is Social Share?

Social Share is a plugin that allows you to share your presentations on Facebook and Twitter, as either screen grabs, full slides or complete presentations – depending on the social media channel chosen…

You simply download and install the plugin and the next time you open PowerPoint the app will be there… you then need to link your social media accounts to it and your good to go.

rsz_picture1_v2 (1)


When you choose to share on Facebook, you can share a screen clipping as an image, share all of your slides as a photo album or as a video – and this is all created from within the app.

Something to be aware of, this app is nosey – very nosey! When I linked it to Facebook, I restricted the settings so that the app couldn’t see my personal photos, videos or my public profile and I restricted it to posting only to my friends.

Facebook Test 1 – Sharing a screen clip

For my first test, I chose to share a screen clipping of one of my slides…


rsz_1picture3With the clip ready, I ticked the box to include a link to my slides, as I was interested to see what this might look like – alas, the app simply crashed and did so every single time I selected this option.

With it now unticked, I hit the post button and seconds later my clipping appeared on my Facebook profile!

Facebook Test 2 – Sharing all slides as an image library

I imagine this would look really nice on Facebook, but unfortunately, this didn’t work either – the app just froze. Again.

If this function ever works for you, a word of warning…

If your slides contain layered objects due to animation, the image will only display in its unanimated state, which might not look its best…


Facebook Test 3 – Sharing all slides as a video

Finally, I tried the option to post the deck as a video and as it rendered out, I wondered if the app was doing the hard work or if it was PowerPoints own video output option was rendering out? It was perhaps a combination of the two as the video created was in its own unique player skin.

To be fair, the render didn’t take long and the result on Facebook looked pretty good, it rendered out at the right quality for a small Facebook window, however the sound quality was initially awful, clearly the app had applied some compression.

I switched on an HD option on the player and the sound and picture quality instantly improved…


Playing full screen though should be avoided, as the video pixilated instantly and looked horrendous!

On my iPhone 6, the experience was excellent, the video auto-played smoothly and the picture was crisp and clear.


Again linking our Twitter account to the app set security alarm bells, but in for a penny eh!


With the app now viewing, following and doing goodness knows what else with our twitter account, I continued and posted the screen clipping, which sadly, is the only option for Twitter.

To make it a little more interesting I created a short link pointing to a video version of this presentation, which worked quite well…


Final Thoughts…

The truth is, the app gives little more functionality than what is already available, taking screen shots and converting your presentation to a video is nothing new… and it’s a simple job to then upload and share these on social media.

The only real USP with the Social Share App, is that you can do all of the above, in one easy, very quick step without the need to ever leave PowerPoint.

Great! But why?

That’s the burning question here, why post your presentation on social media?

I think this is where I struggle most with this app, presentations by default are created to be delivered, usually in person to an audience – now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge believer in the presentation landscape and that presentation delivery needs to flexible.

But even so, I just can’t image ever creating a PowerPoint presentation that I would want to share on social media, it just doesn’t feel quite right.

So, I think this app needs to be viewed from a different angle, one where you create a PowerPoint, not for a live presentation, but as a standalone marketing document, that delivers its message with context, without the need of a live presenter.

This could be as a video with a voiceover presenter, or as more of a document – PowerPoint can handle the creation of all these things…

Here at Eyeful, we create a lot of great looking standalone documents like this, with our new favourite bit of tech, Turtl.

The thing is, a user friendly cloud app like Turtl, makes it easy for none designer SME’s to focus on their content, whilst creating something easy on the eye.

As we all know by now, it’s difficult to create something that looks great in PowerPoint, without having design skills. However, it is pretty easy to knock up a pig’s ear in no time, but would you really want to share that with the world?

So I guess, getting back to the app, it does what it says on the tin. I just worry that the quality of PowerPoint presentations we are going to see shared on social media and if they are going to do more harm than good to your business?

Also, where is the Linked In sharing option? This app really doesn’t feel like it has much of a business use.

But, what do you think? Will you use this app and share your presentations on social media?

Leave your comments below…

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