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Tech Season – The Presentation Landscape Scenario #2: An Educational Presentation

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 by Matt<

We continue Tech Season this week with a look at a second presentation scenario where you could use the presentation landscape to your advantage when planning and preparing for your event.

Scenario #2: An Educational Presentation (CPD Or Training)


The first thing to do is to look at the outer ring and consider the environment you are presenting in.

In this instance the presentation is taking place in a classroom environment, to an audience of between 10-30 people who ideally the presenter or trainer would want to interact with, to support their learning.

So in the outer segment you would be sitting in the Interactive segment.

Then working inwards, you can choose from the relevant presentation delivery tools and choose the best one for your specific audience.

You could also consider a blended presenting approach. This is where you would create elements of your presentation in different formats, for example you might start off the presentation using a traditional linear PowerPoint before moving to a Flipchart to note interactions from the audience.

You could also consider using an interactive PowerPoint presentation. This is where the presentation can be set up with custom shows and hyperlinks and work a little like a website. The benefit here in a training environment is it allows for interactivity with the audience, perhaps asking someone to answer a question, to which you click on the answer and ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ is displayed.

Your training could also be supported with ELearning material. This is where you would add voiceover or a video presenter to your presentation material and convert this to a web format.

The benefit here being your audience can leave the training, but dip back into an online version later to refresh their memory or possibly take online quiz or test, the results of which would then be emailed back to the presenter/trainer for marking or feedback.

So, now you have some food for thought on what your final output could be, it’s time to decide what it will and plan it out. Once you’ve done this the software and tools required pretty much choose themselves.

Typical presentation tools in this interactive area are PowerPoint, Whiteboard and Web Presentation.

If you have any questions on how best to tackle any of the above, please feel free to ASK MATT! Just drop me a message at the bottom of this blog post and I’ll get back to you.

Or if you or a colleague will be giving a CPD presentation or delivering training in the future, be sure to give us a call on 0845 056 8528 when the time comes.

Because We Love CPD Presentations…..

Friday, June 20th, 2014 by Simon Morton<

We admit to being eternal tinkerers here at Eyeful, we are more than happy to put in an extra bit of effort to make sure that every customer presentation is as effective as it can be, partly because happy customers are important, but also because it bugs the life out of us when it isn’t.

But the tinkering doesn’t stop there; we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to our website either and we’re so excited about our latest round of updates that we’ve decided to release a small part of it early to give you a taste of what’s to come.

We’ll soon be launching new pages for Sales & Marketing Presentations, Event Presentations, Internal and Technical Presentations but first of all there’s loads of new stuff about our old friend, CPD Presentations.

As the only specialist presentation company that has a dedicated CPD consultant, it’s a subject that’s very close to our hearts.

We’ve long had a great relationship with RIBA and have shared our thoughts on effective CPD presentations through their website and by speaking at their events but we know that there are many more people out there struggling to hit the right balance with CPD presentations.

In the past we’ve likened getting CPD presentations right to experiencing a low flying Spitfire and lamented the lack of love that they tend to receive, and now we’ve righted some of those wrongs by giving them a whole section of our website.

We’ll keep you updated as other exciting stuff comes online but if you’d like to chat to us about CPD (or indeed any other kind of) presentations simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to demonstrate just how pernickety we can be!

Audience Engagement & Technology – Are CPD Presentations Playing Catch Up?

Thursday, April 11th, 2013 by Simon Morton<

You may not have noticed but there’s been a quiet revolution of late in the world of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) presentations.

A growing number of CPD providers have recognised the value of creating an impactful presentation with strong structure, powerful visuals and presenters well versed in the skills required to keep an audience fully engaged.  This means throwing out the bullet point ridden PowerPoint decks of old, investing in presenter training and reinvigorating their marketing efforts.  This is great news for CPD provider and audience alike…

But are these forward thinking companies still missing a trick?

For many years, PowerPoint was viewed as pretty much the only presentation tool available to CPD providers.   It played to the longstanding opinion that all business and educative presentations had to be ‘formal’.

You’ll be familiar with the scenario:

The presenter speaks (sticking word for word to the approved script) whilst the audience listens intently. Any questions posed by the audience are reserved to the Q&A session (normally just before the sandwiches come out thereby minimising the likelihood of too much discussion or debate).

In short, not the most inspiring presentation format for an eager audience to work with…

Thankfully most audiences these days don’t play by the ‘formal’ rules – when engaged, they can’t help but interact with the presenter, asking questions and probing on topics throughout the session.  This is how people learn and get the most value from the whole CPD process – long may it last…

The CPD experts here at Eyeful wager that this new level of presenter-audience engagement just the tip of the iceberg.  Well established technologies such as online presentations, podcasts and webinars provide further opportunities for the forward thinking CPD provider to engage with their audiences.

The good news is that a few proactive companies are doing just that and firmly grabbing the chance to differentiate themselves through technology.  The reality is repurposing existing approved CPD content and making it available to a wider audience, either on your website, through secure portals, on YouTube or via download sites such as iTunes, is remarkably simple.

Technology brings with it many wonderful opportunities to CPD providers across a range of sectors.  The big question is how and when will you embrace it to make your CPD programme more effective and efficient than ever?

The Secret of CPD

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 by Simon Morton<

CPD presentations have an undeserved reputation for being the trickiest of balancing acts. They share three key ingredients with all presentations; education, engagement and sales. It is only in the balance of these ingredients that CPD presentations differ from those designed purely for sales.

Education is the overriding aim of every CPD presentation so the first objective is to educate in a way that transcends ‘box ticking’ and leaves a lasting impression.

The audience engagement aspect of a CPD presentation comes next – your presentation needs to be interesting. It sounds like such a simple thing but as we all know being educated is not inherently interesting.

Getting these two ingredients right is the difference between seeing a picture of a Spitfire and standing underneath one on a low level flypast. The picture will educate you, but the experience will stimulate and inspire you for far longer.

This is incredibly important for achieving a perfect blend with the third ingredient – sales.

The sales aspect of CPD is often treated like the embarrassing relative that nobody mentions. But we need to be totally honest here; access to a captive audience is what motivates many CPD providers. So our smallest, and to the provider most important, ingredient has become the biggest challenge.

Sales presentations are usually designed to illicit a purchasing response from your audience in a very short timescale, ideally before you’ve left the room. CPD presentations cannot do this. Any sales opportunities will be on a much longer timeline. What you need to achieve in the minds of your audience is longevity, they need to retain enough information about you and your business for it to be readily accessed by them at a later date.

This can be done in a couple of different ways.

The simplest of these is repurposing as this allows your audience to access your presentations again in the future. There are several options for repurposing that are effective for CPD presentations including hard copies or electronic versions of your presentation to leave with your audience and auto-run ‘refresher’ versions that they can access on your company website. These are both simple solutions to the problem of staying in your audiences’ mind until they need your product or service.

With an interesting and educational presentation you can also exploit the human brain’s amazing ‘random access memory’. This is where the Spitfire makes a welcome reappearance – if your audience has only seen the picture once they are only likely to recall it vaguely (if at all). If your audience has current access to the picture (repurposing) they may well have another look at some point and might even try to access similar information or indeed show it to someone else. But if your audience experienced the fly past then their whole memory of the event can be triggered by a chance remark, a similar sound or any one of a hundred spurious stimuli.

You, your business, products and services, will be remembered voluntarily.

So, there are selling opportunities with a CPD but they rely heavily on getting the first two elements correct, without this you and your company will not be able to maximise the sales opportunities that CPD presentations can offer.