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Thursday, November 24th, 2016 by Matt<

Lots of people think Technical Presentation are boring, over complicated affairs written by experts, only for experts.

But honestly you couldn’t be more wrong! Technical Presentations are awesome, they can be the most exciting, interesting and important types of presentation.

Programmers, engineers and scientists (to name just a few subject matter experts) are the people that change our world, making it better, safer and healthier.

So we salute you!

When it comes to delivering your Technical Presentations though it’s really important that your great ideas aren’t just heard and understood by the other experts in the room. They need to connect and convince all the decision makers to make your ideas become reality.

That’s why we created The Technical Lab, our one day training course in how to create the perfect Technical Presentation.

It’s a course that’s way more in depth than a generic advanced PowerPoint training day. It’s taught by Eyeful’s team of experts and it’ll show you how to turn complicated information into presentations that shine out a clear and consistent message to the entire audience.

If you would like to get a really good flavour for the kind of ideas and insight in the course check out the recording of our recent webinar:

The Technical Lab Surgery was just a few days ago and in it you’ll learn how to…

THINK – The importance of audience analysis is discussed, providing the science behind our Audience Heatmap technique; this will provide the tools for you to start presenting in a more engaging and impactful way.

ACT – Our Must, Intend, Like objective-setting process will help you reassess and focus on the overall goal of your presentation, and provide you with the best strategy for achieving it.

DELIVERBlended Presenting will introduce you to the concept of creating a presentation story that’s strong enough to get your message delivered, understood and retained, whatever the environment it needs to be delivered in.

The webinar is delivered by Eyeful founder Simon Morton, the author of the widely acclaimed book The Presentation Lab. So, this is a great chance to get valuable insight from Europe’s leading presentation expert.

It’s about making sure your audience acts and brings your ideas to life…




Friday, October 7th, 2016 by Matt<


We were chatting in the office recently about our favourite customer stories (more on these in the near future) and this nightmare scenario came up about something that happened a couple of years ago, but the warning still rings true today…

On this particular day the HQ phone rang at 5pm with a potential new customer ringing for last minute presentation help…

Fortunately, our day to day customers tend to follow our friendly advice that leaving things close to the event is not the best idea…

Unfortunately for this company they had not received such sage advice…

Their problem was the fact they had a business defining tender opportunity due to be given the follow morning and try as they might their message was confusing and their PowerPoint looked abysmal…

Now Eyeful aren’t the type of presentation design company to say no. We’ve garnered a proud reputation over the years for being the kind of company that’ll bend over backwards to help you out, no matter how late you’ve left it…

And of course the Eyefulite who took the call stayed in the office until 9pm trying to help, but alas in this instance it was just too late in the day and they had to break the bad news to the customer…

Now you might be thinking, why am I sharing a story about where we couldn’t help?!

I’m doing so because Eyeful want you, your colleagues or anyone associated with delivering presentations to realise that there isn’t always a bailout solution to get last minute presentation help…

And if you leave it late you are seriously undermining your opportunity…

If you deliver a poor presentation, you look bad, your business looks bad, your audience suffers and there is a damn good chance that the call to action you want your audience to follow – will be missed.

So I implore you, if you have a presentation coming up, give it the time and attention it deserves.

As the alternative is a sad situation where nobody wins and what nobody wants.

If your next presentation is tomorrow this might help…

If it’s a little further away, call us now on 01455 826390…

What happened to the company?

Well, let’s just say it didn’t exactly go to plan and they lost the deal. They are also now one of our most longstanding customers, with a series of fully interactive sales presentations that have helped them win a lot of business…

Every cloud.


Tuesday, October 4th, 2016 by Matt<

If you’ve ever worked on a presentation into the late hours, with stress levels rising and motivation getting lower and lower, which eventually leads to a deep everlasting feeling of…

“I HATE [insert here the name of any presentation technology that drives you insane]”

Then you’d be joining a pretty big club! It’s also why we are very happy to announce our brand new training course, The Presentation Technology Lab…

This is the place to get a little technology rehab from our expert consultants and amazing presentation designers.

In the Lab you’ll be able to forget your frustrations and make presentation software such as PowerPoint and Prezi work for you, not against you, as we reveal and demystify the latest technology.

Like all of our presentation training, this course is about getting you to Think, Act and Deliver Presentations Differently…


Open your mind with sage advice and industry insight from an Eyeful consultant who’ll start off the day by putting technology into perspective with The Presentation Landscape.

Understanding the differing requirements of formal, informal and interactive presentations will really help you to choose the most appropriate technology for each presenting environment.

This crucial building block will give you a completely fresh approach to creating your presentations in the future.


We’ll give you the keys to the world’s two best presentation creation technologies, PowerPoint and Prezi, as an Eyeful Prezi expert provides the insider knowledge on how to develop the most engaging presentation (without overdoing the zoom).

You’ll also receive advanced PowerPoint training from a senior presentation designer, who’ll reveal their top ten PowerPoint Powertips… which are the tricks and techniques they’ve discovered over years of designing presentations for some of the world’s biggest brands.


Once you’ve mastered how to build great presentations, we’ll show you how to share them securely across your organisation with our trusted cloud management platform…

Before finally putting the best presentation delivery technology into your hands… as you learn how to make presenting easier and more effective with tech like iPads, Clickers and Smartphone Apps – you’ll learn what’s best and what’s best avoided…

The Presentation Technology Lab isn’t just a presentation geek-fest…. it’s about learning the best technology available, the right time to use it and how to make it work to your advantage.

If you’d like to discover the secrets that make Eyeful Europe’s leading presentation agency, then book into The Presentation Technology Lab here…


Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 by Matt<

I’ve been trying really hard not to write a football related article, but let’s be honest it was never going to happen… I’m a football obsessed, Derby County season ticket holding bloke, who lives in Leicester, the venue for the greatest sporting upset in the history of football…and of course the home of the best presentation design company in Europe…

So with the excitement that comes with England (and nearly every other home nation) qualifying for a major tournament – well, there was little chance I could avoid it for long.

My imagination started to kick off late last week in the run up to the recent matches: the press were going crazy about what formation and team Roy Hodgson would pick.

Poor old Roy doesn’t always get the best press and he was getting a bit of stick, which left me imaging a rather awkward pre-match team talk (insert suitably hazy dream-sequence here)…

Unprepared and a little unsure of who is actually in the squad, Roy turns up half an hour before kick off. Standing next to a hastily arranged whiteboard, he asks the bored-looking players, “hands up if you’re a defender?”

He nods sagely, ignores the response, and launches into his aged corporate FA PowerPoint…

Right lads, we are England… We won the World Cup 50 years ago so we must be great.

Here’s a lovely slide on the structure of the FA; we’ve got that bloke who used to work for the BBC at the top, then some other blokes, then there’s me (I love that photo of me…..that’s Lake Geneva in the background)….and then there’s you lot…

So today, we’re playing football and what I want you to do, is play really, really well and er, score more goals than the opposition. Actually, who are we playing today?

OK, so you get the picture – a rather farcical teamtalk that would be breaking every rule in the Football Managers’ Presentation Expert Handbook – if such a thing existed.

But what’s incredibly concerning about this absurd scenario is that it’s happening in boardrooms on a daily basis – EVERYWHERE!

Perhaps it’s time for business presenters to take a leaf out of the The Football Managers’ Presentation Expert Handbook, when it comes to their own presentations?


You see, according to this mythical guide, football managers will (and business presenters like you should)…

Focus on objectives – Possibly using a format like Eyeful’s “Must, Intend, Like” structure. Winning might be the ultimate objective, but a good performance, and doing the basics well, is the bare minimum.

Research the opposition – Managers will scout the opposition (whilst you should analyse your audience, perhaps with an audience heatmap).

Plan tactics – Based on their scouting, managers will set their team up for the best chance of success (you should use your audience analysis to plan the right angle & tone that’ll have the most impact on your audience).

Use a story – Managers will use past victories to inspire players (whilst you can tap into the power of previous success stories, and customer testimonials to strengthen your key messages and inspire confidence in your audience).

Think about structure – Out of this comes a formation for the manager (and a logical structure to deliver your presentation in).

Deliver their message clearly – We all know the average intelligence of a professional footballer! Managers will use what we call a Blended Presenting approach, where they’ll probably deliver their messages using a mixture of whiteboard, video and even PowerPoint in order to get their message understood and retained (you too shouldn’t be afraid of using a mix of presentation tools – it’s all about what works best for your audience).

Unfortunately, The Football Managers’ Presentation Expert Handbook doesn’t actually exist, but the ideas mentioned in it do, and can all be found in Eyeful’s suite of modular presentation training…

Our modules don’t have a lot to do with football, but they certainly will show you how to create presentations that are way more effective at getting the results you need.

Speaking of results, here’s to England (and all the home nations) doing well in their next matches. Hopefully Roy and the other managers have all been studying their copies of The Football Managers’ Presentation Expert Handbook and will all soon be delivering some inspiring teamtalks!

But from everyone at Eyeful – COME ON ENGLAND!



Friday, April 15th, 2016 by Matt<

There’s no getting away from it, creating good stuff takes time.

I’ve just spent pretty much all day creating a 1-minute video to support our Fast Track Sales Presentation Lab training days…

I wrote the script, recorded and edited the voiceover, selected the clips that worked, filmed and edited new ones before editing it all together…

Without knowing what I was doing and having some time saving tricks up my sleeve, I probably would have spent twice as long creating it!

And it’s the same story for PowerPoint presentations, you need to write what you’re going to say, think about the story, the structure, what messages are going to work and lots of other stuff all before you even start creating your PowerPoint presentation design…

It’s a big job, not to be underestimated.

Our modular presentation training is jam packed full of great presentation theory, as well as a huge amount of tips and techniques that will ultimately not only make your presentations more likely to get you results, they’ll save you a heap of time in the process too…

Check them out here

In the meantime, here’s a quick PowerPoint animation time saving tip from our senior designer Phil…

On first glance this tip might seem like a little thing…but that’s one of the secrets to better productivity.  Combine all the little time saving tricks you can and suddenly you find yourself way more efficient…


Friday, April 1st, 2016 by Matt<

Eyeful Presentations are proud to announce the greatest presentation innovation the world has ever seen…

Our brand new PowerPoint plug-in, PIMP MY SLIDE© gives presenters a quick and easy one click solution that turns plain bullet points into expertly designed , visually powerful slides that resonate with audiences…

That’s right. No longer do audiences need to suffer in bored silence… and presenters can put their feet up as creating amazingly effective slides takes just one-click…

All you need to do is write inane and confusing content onto a blank slide, open up the app and hit ‘Let’s Go’ and your dreary bullet points text will be analysed and automatically turned into perfectly designed icon based content, using our patented new ‘keyword recognition’ programming algorithm.

So put your feet up and relax, PIMP MY SLIDE is the free presentation plug-in that’s going to make presentation hard work a thing of the past…

Try it now free…


Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 by Matt<

Bad presentations are everywhere. In auditoriums, boardrooms, meetings rooms and offices across the world, bad presentations have become the norm, despite our best efforts…

What constitutes a bad presentation?
Generally; they are bullet point ridden messes.  With countless slides overloaded with content, they have a lack of structure, focus obsessively on the presenter and their company whilst completely disregarding the audience and often lack the most obvious element; a call to action.

Think I’m being harsh? Since offering our free Presentation Healthcheck service, we’ve seen a worryingly high number of presentations that suffer from either all or some of the problems mentioned above.

What’s the impact of bad presentations?
In general, missed opportunities. Every time a presenter stands up in front of an audience, a lot of time, money and energy has been spent to generate that opportunity. A presenter turning up with a ‘bad’ presentation usually means the audience won’t follow the call to action (if there is one).

Worse than that, reputation can be irreparably damaged, both for the company presenting to the audience and back at base for the presenter and their boss.

It bad news all round.

How do bad presentations happen?
We have a theory (and please excuse the use of Comic Sans font – it’s supposed to be ironic)…


Are people really staying up all hours, tinkering with their presentations at the last minute to try and make them better?

Sadly, yes.

It’s happening every day in the real world. It’s so widespread and well known that the world’s largest fast food chain has hooked into it in their latest TV advertising campaign…

Stuart is not a hero – he’s a pillock for leaving his presentation to the last minute. Working on your presentation late at night when you’re tired, leads to two things – an annoyed family and a bad presentation.

Someone should tell Stuart, “there is another way” and advise him to bookmark this URL.


You see Microsoft, the people that brought you the world’s most popular presentation tool, have teamed up with Eyeful, the people who quite literally, wrote the book on the formula behind powerful presentations, The Presentation Lab

We’ve taken our years of experience and the expert thinking that underpins our modular presentation training and mixed them together.  The end result is a platform for a month long series of videos, Sways and thought provoking content to spur presenters on to Thinking, Acting and Delivering their presentations differently.

All to make sure that presenters like Stuart (and possibly you?) don’t fall into the trap of poor presentations impacting your next opportunity…or career…or family harmony.

Both you and your audience deserve better…

Bid Presenters Get Expert Presentation Insight In The Eyeful Labs

Thursday, February 18th, 2016 by Matt<

Last night saw the Eyeful Labs host an event for around 30 APMP UK members, all of whom got to enjoy some fancy sandwiches whilst getting lots of great presentation related advice from Eyeful’s Simon Morton.

Simon, a renowned presentation expert and author of the acclaimed book The Presentation Lab was fresh from speaking at Microsoft events in London and Barcelona. Happy to be on home turf, he was delighted to share concepts and examples of best practice from both his book and experience of working with clients on ‘must win’ bids.

The audience were a lovely group of people from all different businesses, their commonality being that they were all members of the APMP…

APMP UK is the UK chapter of the ‘Association of Bid and Proposal Management Professionals’ which is the body that defines and supports best practice in the areas of bids, proposals and business acquisition.

Bids and presentations go hand in hand as we only know too well at Eyeful, having worked on so many of these presentations over the years.

I think back to the time a client told me how the presentation we created for them played a significant part in helping them win a bid worth £90m… You don’t forget that sort of feedback!

Last night’s audience were treated to a bespoke ‘bid specific’ lecture based on content from Eyeful’s modular presentation training suite – which covers the entire presentation lifespan from creating the initial story right through to Advance PowerPoint Training.


The first part of the lecture was about changing the way the audience thought about presentations, which after years of bullet point conditioning and overloaded slide content, this a lot harder than most people think.

This was about learning to break old habits and to basically plan your presentation in a whole new way. It was about discovering the right balance between message and content

Simon also focussed on the most important element of any presentation, the audience, introducing concepts such as the Audience Heatmap.

Delivering a presentation is about way more than simply standing and talking. So many presenters believe a click by click linear presentation is the right tool for every scenario.

Simon introduced the concept of the Presentation Landscape and the theory behind using the right presentation tool at the right time, for example smaller informal meetings would be better suited to an interactive tablet based presentation.


The aim of the evening was for people to leave with a whole new mind-set when it comes to creating presentations…

“Very interesting and helpful, I am actually looking forward to working on my presentation tomorrow morning!”

“Thank you for opening my eyes to a new perspective towards presenting.”

Based on the feedback we received, it was clearly mission accomplished…

To have your event members or indeed your large team get some expert presentation advice in the Eyeful Labs, just give us a ring on 01455 826390 and we’ll tailor a course just for you.


Thursday, February 11th, 2016 by Matt<

A quick tech update from Eyeful Tower’s here for all users of PowerPoint…

Morph is now available to Office Insider users of Mac.

If you’re not sure what Morph is, or how to use it, please allow me to elaborate…

You may have heard in our PowerPoint 2016 review last year, that 2016 wasn’t really anything to write home about…

Well since it’s release, Microsoft have released a couple of nifty updates, our favourite being the new Morph transition.

Now you might be thinking, “really? A good PowerPoint transition?” and I wouldn’t blame you!

There are now 49 transitions in PowerPoint 2016, with perhaps 5-6 suitable for business presentations. Random bars wasn’t a good look in 2003, let alone in 2016.

Morph though is different.

Morph isn’t really a transition at all, it’s more of an automatic animation button. For example, say you have a square on a slide, if you want to make that square larger and move position on the slide, then before Morph you would need to apply a grow animation and a motion path.

If the shape is growing a lot bigger, it would pixilate horribly and to fix it you would need some pretty advanced PowerPoint training to make the whole process smooth.

Morph simplifies this somewhat. Instead of applying lots of animation, you simply start with the small square on a slide, then copy and paste the slide, before re-sizing and positioning the shape on the following slide – apply the Morph transition and hey presto, Morph does all the hard work and smoothly transitions the shape growing and moving position…

There are pros and cons to using Morph though. You can end up with a lot more slides and the transition only works if playing the presentation in PowerPoint 2016.

So if you spend time creating a rather awesome morph sequence, make sure when it comes to presenting the computer has PowerPoint 2016 – otherwise, nothing happens!

Here’s an example of a recent Morph video I created in PowerPoint 2016. This is an infographic created to highlight the results of our recent State Of The Nation, business presentation survey…

This video was created from 1 image, copied over multiple slides, with the image in a different size and position on each slide.


There is absolutely no PowerPoint animation applied to this, just the Morph transition – and this is the result!

Not bad eh?!

If you’re now excited to start playing but you find Morph is missing from the Transitions tab, I’m afraid it’s not available quite yet to everyone globally.

If you have a PC, the release is underway so keep an eye out for an Office Update notification and if you have a Mac, you’ll need to be an Office Insider

To make sure you are an Office Insider, go to the Help menu and choose Check for Updates, here you can switch AutoUpdate on and choose to opt in for preview builds of Office.

If creating presentations is something you get excited about, check out our suite of presentation training modules, where we can prescribe you a fully tailored course to meet your exact needs…

We can help with story structure and flow, storyboarding and visualisation, right the way through to some highly advanced presentation design and delivery skills.

Our flexible tailored approach means you only upskill in the areas you need, to find out more check out the modules here or just give us a ring on 01455 826390…

I’m off to play with Morph!



Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 by Matt<

Eyeful’s MD Simon Morton has once again headed off to Grant Leboff’s Sticky Marketing studio for another helpful interview…

This time, Simon tackles the age old problem of when presenters start creating their presentations by opening up PowerPoint – which is pretty much the biggest ‘no, no’ when it comes to creating presentations.

Grant isn’t afraid to push Simon on the subject, so be prepared to take notes as your guaranteed to learn a whole heap about presentation planning and best practice.

The video is less than four and half minutes, so perfect viewing over your next cuppa – or if you have a little longer, check out Grant’s other interviews with Simon…

If the topics mentioned whet your appetite for more expert presentation knowledge, check out Simon’s acclaimed book, The Presentation Lab which is making waves and has been released in 6 languages…

In the meantime, here is the latest video…