February 21st, 2017 by Matt

Some people do some really odd things with PowerPoint…

I know of presentations created for wedding speeches (complete with inappropriate images of the groom), there have been presentations at funerals and not so long ago I designed my new bathroom in PowerPoint!

Now, we have come across a website entitled Music: The PowerPoint Remix…

It seems that the author has had a bit of fun reinterpreting the stories of songs, through the flexibility of PowerPoint.

Gangsta’s Paradise, Billie Jean, Brown Eyed Girl and Teen Spirit to name but a few…


We like to have fun and innovate with PowerPoint too, adding our design take as we reimagine the story.

Here’s our designer Phil’s PowerPoint version of a classic…

Mind you, we do have some of the world’s best presentation designers…

So, if you would like to recreate your company’s message into a powerful presentation story with outstanding design (equally as good, but perhaps a little toned back from Phil’s gem), then please do get in touch…

#PresentBetter – PowerPoint PowerHack: Moving Graphs

February 21st, 2017 by Matt

If you work with PowerPoint on a regular basis, you’ll know how easy it is to nudge objects around with your arrow keys – except when it comes to graphs…

Thankfully, one of Eyeful’s senior presentation designers has another top time-saving PowerPoint PowerHack which reveals the mystery on how to nudge graphs.

Stay tuned for another PowerPoint PowerHack soon…

Fashion Inspiration For Presentations

February 17th, 2017 by Matt

Eyeful’s design team like to keep an eye on trends across multiple industries, pulling together wide-ranging inspiration to keep your presentations fresh and engaging.

With London Fashion Week starting today, we wanted to share Lorna’s take on Spring Summer 2017 trends; not only showing you what’s in style, but how to build these styles into your PowerPoint presentation design through some handy tutorials…

If you would like to make your presentations more in vogue (and combine style with powerful messaging) then please do get in touch…


January 30th, 2017 by Matt

This weekend marked the start of National Storytelling Week, so we are taking a closer look at the wondrous world of story (and how it relates to presentations.)

It’s a well-known fact that story can be a very powerful thing. Only last night did the offer of a story to my little boy, Jack, convince him to give up his favourite vice of Paw Patrol.

Yes, that promise of any story he would like, got him to put down the iPad (never an easy feat), shoot upstairs, get into his pyjama’s (without force) and snuggled up next to his daddy, all in double quick time.

Of course, one story, became three, but that’s fine, because I’d much rather spend my time reading to him, than chasing him around our house with a pair of pyjama’s in one hand and a nappy in the other…

Speaking of children and stories, the shortest story ever written is by Earnest Hemmingway and went like this…

“New baby shoes, never worn”

Your mind reads into those words and constructs several very different positive, neutral and very negative connotations…

That’s the power of story.

Like we’ve said many times before, this power can be applied to presentations in a number of ways…

“We LOVE the smart use of stories and story structure in presentations. They’ve formed some of the most compelling, engaging, passionate and memorable presentations ever created. The use of ‘story’ in presentations makes a lot of sense – get it right and you’re onto a good thing…”
Simon Morton, CEO, Eyeful Presentations (and Chief Storyteller to Beth and Peter).

You can prepare a whole raft of stories and keep them in your proverbial mental back pocket for when opportunities arise.

You can turn your entire PowerPoint presentation design into a story by looking at story themes and structures and applying these to your presentations. There’s a great chapter on ‘Business Storytelling’ on page 42 of The Presentation Lab book, that explains how to do this.

Another great way of using story to support your presentations messaging is through case studies. These don’t have to be formal case studies, they can simply be stories about real events and projects that you can relay in your presentation, to your audience, to back-up and reinforce what you are trying to say.

Telling your audience that your product or solution is fantastic is all well and good – but these days messages that simply big you up, just won’t convince your audience…

If you really want to engage with them and get their buy in, think of a real example of a problem that relates to theirs and tell them a true story about how you solved it for another company in a similar situation as theirs.

Blending story into your presentations has lots of other benefits too…

  • Encasing your product or solution in a story makes it more real and believable.
  • Telling a true story makes your delivery style authentic.
  • Maybe the story has an element of drama or action to it? Play on this and use this to make your story more interesting and memorable. It doesn’t have to be Lord of the Rings, merely explaining how you solved a tough problem at the last minute can have enough drama to enthuse your audience.

Your presentation being remembered after the event is also a key element in gaining presentation success and because of the all the things I’ve mentioned above, people remember stories.

To discover more about applying story to your presentations, check out Eyeful’s Story Season…

Story Season’s goal is to discuss the importance of story within presentations, look at the scientific case for using story, and ultimately to provide information, advice and general tips on how to incorporate story into your presentations.

Check it out, it’s a good read!


January 20th, 2017 by Simon Morton

For many years I’ve made it a policy not to talk politics in the workplace.   When conversation in the kitchen turns political, I either quietly retreat or look to move the topic onto something less divisive (money, religion, football teams).

Strange then that my first blog of 2017 should focus on a politician – President Barack Obama.  As the World prepares for the inauguration of Donald Trump, we’re reminded of the many faces of Obama. 

Fun Obama

Serious Obama

Controversial Obama

…and Obama the Orator.

No matter what your politics, it’s difficult not to recognise his ability to engage an audience, clearly state a message and then deliver it with focused passion.  This ability to connect with audiences goes deeper than the natural charisma required of any prominent politician – much of his success came from the fact that President Obama and his speechwriting team worked damned hard at it.

The web is littered with analysis of his presentation style, timbre and speech rhythm…and I have no intention of adding to what has already been said.  There is one element of his presentation style that I do feel is worthy of celebration – his storytelling.

Take a look at the following video of his ‘Fired up, ready to go’ story.

Through one story, he engaged and enthused his supporters.  He demonstrated a humility on the campaign trail and, a rarity among politicians, used it to show that he was fallible.   That’s right – the man who aspired to lead the World’s most powerful country wanted to show that he didn’t have all the answers and was learning lessons every day.

If the outgoing POTUS valued and used the power of storytelling ignite audiences and prompt change, don’t you think it’s worth trying to weave story into your next presentation?  Just a thought…




January 18th, 2017 by Matt

It’s nice when something you wish for comes true and once again it has!

A loooong time ago, I spent a little time dreaming about just how great PowerPoint could be and created a wish list of how PowerPoint could evolve…

Historic PowerPoint Review – part 1

Historic PowerPoint Review – part 2

Sadly, the Random Bars transition still exists, but on a more positive note my wish for Morph did come true as well as a brand-new feature which allows users to insert icons into slides…

Icons are a very important part of presentation design according to Alex Warwick, one of our senior presentation designers here at Eyeful…

“Icons play a vital role as a visual representation of content which help the audience to more efficiently understand, navigate and interpret information. Icons support content or communicate on their own by drawing attention and helping to differentiate and structure content. Icons are widely used because they effectively combine function with being an aesthetic element in design.”

How the new icon feature works…

Alex is a big fan of this new functionality…

“In the past, the options to use icons were only available to users who have additional software like Adobe Illustrator or who would go through the testing process of downloading an icon online and having to convert the file type to make it compatible with PowerPoint. With the new Insert Icons feature any level user of PowerPoint can recolour and resize hundreds of useful icons in their presentations.”

The new icon feature is available for some users of Microsoft Office 365 right now, but as with all Office updates the feature will be rolled out in a staggered manner across all Office users.

Remember, icons aren’t just a way of making your PowerPoint presentation design look better, it’s all about making it easier for your audience to understand the message you’re trying to get across (I wonder what the icon for that would be?).

For a more in-depth conversation about your presentation’s messaging, just give us a call on +44 (0)1455 826390 and have a chat with one of our expert presentation consultants…


January 18th, 2017 by Matt


If you find yourself wishing that you could email a presentation to someone and it would open in play mode as soon as they click (and be a lot harder to edit) then here’s a great PowerPoint PowerHack tip from one of Eyeful’s senior presentation designers

Stay tuned for another PowerPoint PowerHack soon…


January 13th, 2017 by Matt

With Christmas now a far off memory and work well and truly back underway, Eyeful’s sales kick-off season continues to offer insight and advice for anyone organising such a huge event.

Sales Kick-Off events aren’t the easiest things to arrange, they can extremely expensive to set up, you need to take your people off the road and of course there’s a whole heap of opportunity at risk if it all goes, well, a little bit flat.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to your sales presentation design and messaging, Eyeful’s CEO Simon Morton now shares the second of his 5 Key Secrets To Successful Sales Kick-Offs…

If you or someone you know are involved in your company’s sales kick-off, then please do check out our dedicated sales kick-off page… You’ll find lots more information and advice, and you can even download Eyeful’s Expert Formula To Sales Kick-Off Events too… which is a really useful guide when planning these type of events.


January 6th, 2017 by Matt

This month at Eyeful, this presentation design company is all about one thing… SALES KICK-OFF EVENTS.

These rather huge proceedings are arguably the biggest deal in the sales director’s calendar (after the end of year figures) and Eyeful want to make sure yours doesn’t just go with a bang, but leads to a buck too… or to put it slightly more professionally; gets you a significant return on your rather heavy investment.

We know these events happen all year round, but for many large businesses January is the traditional time for kick-off events.

So, we’ve been hard at work, Eyeful’s CEO Simon Morton has helped lots of businesses over the last 12 years in creating really successful sales kick-off’s and he’s pulled together his best 5 pieces of advice for sales kick-off event organisers…

If someone in your business is currently working hard (and probably very late too) then be a friend and do them a favour by pointing them at our dedicated sales kick-off page

Merry Christmas

December 19th, 2016 by Matt
…from The Eyeful Team