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Friday, May 12th, 2017 by Olivia Walsh<

May is National Walking Month, with 15th-19th being Walk to School Week for the parents among you.

As Europe’s leading presentation design agency we think walking and presentations go hand in hand.

Our CEO Simon Morton books a weekend off every year to go on a walking weekend, we’ve held management meetings in the great outdoors and who can forget the Eyeful charity trek over Dartmoor a few years ago!?

We love walking for a very simple reason, getting away from your everyday work environment and giving yourself chance to think about things and get a little clarity and perception is priceless – it’s probably our single biggest tip when it comes to preparing a presentation too…

We always advise anyone preparing a presentation to…

“Step away – grab a coffee, go for a walk, or find an empty room – anything that’s going to get you thinking about your presentation in a slightly different way.” – Rob Bailey, Managing Director, Eyeful Presentations.

If you have a presentation on the horizon, stick your work shoes into a bag, grab your most comfortable trainers and walk to work…

If that’s not practical, step away from your desk and simply head outside and take a walk this lunchtime…

To keep you company while you walk, Rob Bailey is releasing weekly podcasts with some expert presentation advice that’s perfect to take on board as you are walking…

To listen to today’s tip, just click play below and the podcast will automatically stream…


Friday, January 20th, 2017 by Simon Morton<

For many years I’ve made it a policy not to talk politics in the workplace.   When conversation in the kitchen turns political, I either quietly retreat or look to move the topic onto something less divisive (money, religion, football teams).

Strange then that my first blog of 2017 should focus on a politician – President Barack Obama.  As the World prepares for the inauguration of Donald Trump, we’re reminded of the many faces of Obama. 

Fun Obama

Serious Obama

Controversial Obama

…and Obama the Orator.

No matter what your politics, it’s difficult not to recognise his ability to engage an audience, clearly state a message and then deliver it with focused passion.  This ability to connect with audiences goes deeper than the natural charisma required of any prominent politician – much of his success came from the fact that President Obama and his speechwriting team worked damned hard at it.

The web is littered with analysis of his presentation style, timbre and speech rhythm…and I have no intention of adding to what has already been said.  There is one element of his presentation style that I do feel is worthy of celebration – his storytelling.

Take a look at the following video of his ‘Fired up, ready to go’ story.

Through one story, he engaged and enthused his supporters.  He demonstrated a humility on the campaign trail and, a rarity among politicians, used it to show that he was fallible.   That’s right – the man who aspired to lead the World’s most powerful country wanted to show that he didn’t have all the answers and was learning lessons every day.

If the outgoing POTUS valued and used the power of storytelling ignite audiences and prompt change, don’t you think it’s worth trying to weave story into your next presentation?  Just a thought…



The Importance of Storytelling in PowerPoint Presentation Design

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016 by Matt<


Eyeful’s very own MD Simon Morton has been speaking to our good friend Grant Leboff at Sticky Marketing

Simon does like to pop into Grant’s to offer some regular sage advice to presenters, in the past they’ve discussed interesting topics such as; the importance of audience, the impact of poor presentations and finding inspiration…

In this week’s catch-up, Simon debunks some of the myths around using stories in presentations and actually offers a couple of really easy suggestions on how to build story into your PowerPoint Presentation design to all importantly help the memory of your audience.


The video is only 5 minutes, so perfect to view over a cuppa or a bite as you contemplate your next presentation.

If the topics mentioned above whet your appetite for more expert presentation knowledge, check out Simon’s acclaimed book, The Presentation Lab, which is making waves and has been released in 6 languages.

In the meantime, enjoy…

Two Important Presentation Lessons

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 by Matt<

Eyeful’s MD Simon Morton’s has been very busy recently, last week he was speaking at Microsoft’s Future Decoded event in London and the week before he was also in the big smoke speaking at the Customer Champion B2B event

Simon’s speaking events are all coming from the success of his first book, the richly acclaimed, “The Presentation Lab”.

The Presentation Lab reveals the difference between great slides and great presentations based on Eyeful’s proven Presentation Optimisation approach. It challenges everything you thought you knew about creating and delivering engaging business presentations.

Using practical tips and drawing on Simon’s experiences working with companies around the globe, this book will help everyone who ever needs to present by revealing what works, what doesn’t and, more importantly, why.

The in-depth insight, analysis and ideas within the book have proved to be a great basis for Simon’s speaking events and in just two weeks he’ll be speaking at his biggest event to date, in Barcelona, at Microsoft Convergence.

Well if you can’t wait for that and you would like to get a taste for what Simon is all about, then check out this double bill of short video interviews that Simon has given to Grant Leboff of Sticky Marketing…

When can a bad PowerPoint presentation, prove to be lethal? In this lesson Grant and Simon discuss how not to ruin a presentation…

If you’re making a presentation to a group of accountants does it have to be exclusively factual or is there another way to gain their trust? In this lesson Grant and Simon discusses how you put the audience first…

If you would like Simon to speak at your event or company, then simply drop us a line and we’ll book (pun intended) your date in the diary.

We’ve come full circle – the enduring power of pen and paper

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 by Simon Morton<


Today, whilst storyboarding a new presentation, I found myself gazing at my pencil and thinking, ‘how can such a simple thing be so damn powerful…”

You see, I’m old (and grey) enough to recall a time before email, the internet and smartphones…

These everyday pieces of tech have vastly increased the amount of work we produce each day, not to mention, how we produce it.

I look at the variety of daily tasks I find myself doing these days and it’s mind boggling. The pure volume of work seems like a million miles away from my first proper grown up job as a graduate trainee for a large insurance company…

Back then, hard copy policy documents, invoices and quotations were all paper documents that moved around the office (indeed, the country) in a slow but regular postal procession, which more often than not, accompanied by a hand written memo.

That’s right kids, we used a pen and paper to actually hand write messages to an unseen colleague (often based in Swindon for some reason).

If we needed to keep a copy, we used carbon paper, the 80’s version of ‘copy and paste’.

All of this paper based note writing though, left me with two skills…

– Improved/slightly less questionable handwriting
– The ability to think about what to write, before committing to paper. After all, the message had to fit on a small bit of paper and make sense!

Fast forward over 20 years and I’m still relying on these skills today…

Ok, so the handwriting has gone downhill (just ask any of my colleagues). But the ability to plan, ponder and consider all the options is something that now underpins pretty much everything Eyeful does.

Eyeful is a presentation company that covers all the areas of presentation creation.

Our core business is all about developing powerful structured presentation stories that connect with audience, before coupling this with outstanding visual design.

This approach to projects has led to great success, plaudits and recognition…

All of these successes stem from one thing, the ability to think and plan with nothing more than a pencil and paper (and a cuppa)…

Engaging and valuable presentation stories come from within (or, with a bit of prodding through a workshop).

Equally, powerful presentation visuals aren’t just reliant on brilliant designers – they start from clarity of thought.

All of Eyeful’s project planning begins with taking a step back and taking the time to review everything with an open mind, before planning the presentation on paper in the form of a storyboard.

So the next time you need to plan a presentation, we implore you to take time to plan, scribble and doodle with nothing more than paper and a pen and then and only then, fire up the PC.

The impact could be huge (just ask our clients).

If you need any help (or storyboard pads) you know where we are


Eyeful’s MD To Speak At Major Marketing Event This Week

Monday, November 2nd, 2015 by Matt<


Eyeful’s MD Simon Morton is speaking at yet another event this week, hot on the heels of delivering for the likes of Citrix, RIBA and at the Leicestershire Business Event 2015 last week, 2015 is proving to be a very busy year for Simon.

This Wednesday, Simon is speaking at the prestigious Customer Champion B2B event.

The day, which kicks off at 08.30 and ends at 18.30, at The British Library, Euston, promises to be an exciting and interesting event for all types of marketers…

This year’s B2B Marketing Conference will give practitioners the insight and practical guidance that they need to become a Customer Champion and transform their marketing, in one inspirational day.

Key topics include:

Customer psychology – understanding the mindset of your buyer
Customer engagement – how to create resonant interactions
Customer service – how to manage customer expectations in 2015
Customer forecasting – how to predict future demand levels.
Customer loyalty – how to drive repeat purchase, renewal and upsell
Customer advocacy – how leverage the power of your network
Customer intimacy – how to get close to your customers and become a trusted partner.

The event is billed as,

An essential one-day forum featuring compelling, authoritative and inspirational speakers from across the B2B sector. An in-depth examination and exploration of the significant challenges in terms of how to understand, engage, nurture, convert, service and delight your customers.

If you are going to the event, Simon is in Breakout 1 at 13.50 – 14.20, in Session C: The Final Hurdle in the customer Intimacy Journey

Simon’s presentation is NOT about PowerPoint or Death by PowerPoint. It is about rebooting and challenging the way people think about presentations. The seminar will equip its audience with a number of new techniques and tools to apply when preparing their next presentation.

It all starts with a new appreciation of audiences…

The Presentation Lab Book - CompressedBy using tools like ‘Audience Heatmapping’ and concepts such as ‘The Presentation Landscape’ and ‘Blended Presenting’, Simon will share insights into how to build documents and presentations with the audience and their needs at their core. These concepts, along with a series of real life examples of them at work, feature in his acclaimed book, The Presentation Lab, which is quickly becoming a defining text in this fast moving sector.

If you would like to attend, you can book tickets for Customer Champion B2B here

Or you can find Simon speaking at two further major events before the turn of the year, in the form of:

Microsoft Future Decoded, in the ExCel, London, 10th – 11th November
Microsoft Convergance 2015 EMEA, Barcelona, Spain, 30th November – 2nd December

If you would like to let your audience in on the secrets of creating the very best presentations and have Simon speak at your own company event, then check out his bio and simply drop us a line to check his diary…

Bringing our Presentation Labs to Life

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 by Liz<

We love nothing more here at Eyeful Towers than the buzz of a really busy day in the office, especially when we have customers coming in for training in our Presentation Labs. There is something about the smell of fresh coffee and posh biscuits that we just can’t resist.

Couple that with a great bunch of customers as well and we’re really onto a winner! We recently had the pleasure of working with a lovely team from Jaga Heating Products.

The Jaga team consisted of Project Managers, Technical Consultants and Sales Managers who all received our two-day training course which focussed on equipping them with new strategies and approaches for both the preparation and delivery of their presentations.

Every aspect of the programme was tailored to the team’s day-to-day needs, from the sector specific scenarios we asked them to prepare and present back, to the slides they used to present with.

This approach allowed us, and more importantly them, to see real-time, instant transformations to their presentation delivery. The methods and approaches shared were put into practice during the training and not forgotten about the minute they left the session.

One of the team was delivering a presentation the very next day and reported back to us that he had found himself with a new spring in his step.

“I have a new found confidence, not only in my presentation skills but also in the content that I am delivering.

The optimised presentation and new delivery methods taught during the training, mean that I have really been able to give the presentation my all. Thanks Eyeful”

In terms of ROI, the senior management confirmed that the training programme had delivered beyond expectations, reinvigorating the team and equipping them with new skills that were already being put into practice.

One of the team loved The Presentation Labs (and the biscuits) so much so that he popped back in for a second visit and kindly gave us the great feedback in the video below…

To find out more about our Training Courses or to visit The Presentation Labs for yourselves then please drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.

All of our training can be delivered onsite in our Presentation Labs, at a venue of your choice, or via a variety of other methods, including video and online resources. Whatever works best for you, although we do not take responsibility for the quality of any other venues biscuits, only our own!


The First Step To A World Beating Presentation

Friday, September 25th, 2015 by Matt<

It’s such a terrible feeling when you’re stood in front of your audience and things just aren’t going well, you get that knot in your stomach, your palms go sweaty and from nowhere a stutter appears.

It’s so frustrating when you genuinely know your stuff, but for some unknown reason, you just can’t get your audience to understand that you are genuinely trying to help them. That’s one kind of awful presentation experience.

But there’s an even worse one…

Where the presentation goes great, but for some illogical reason the audience isn’t interested in following your call to action.

Where did you go so wrong?

Well, this is where Eyeful can help, we offer a completely free Presentation Healthcheck Service.

All you need to do is email us your presentation and one of our expert presentation consultants will give you a call back to get the full picture of what you’re trying to achieve.

They will then fully review your slides and figure out where your presentation isn’t working as well as it could and provide you with invaluable feedback to take your presentation to the next level.

The next level being where your presentation’s key messages flow effortlessly, visuals look impressive and you stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Getting your Presentation Healthchecked won’t cost you a dime, so what are you waiting for? Just send your presentation over and we’ll get to work on suggesting how to make it the very best it can be…

Do you create Presentations?

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 by Matt<

If so, we would really appreciate a little of your time to help us paint a picture about the state of business presentations in 2015.

It’s been 3 years since we last ran a survey of this magnitude and to make sure we keep the time we take of yours to a minimum, we’ve broken up our 2015 survey into mini 60 second surveys.

We are looking to find out the bigger picture of business presentations from all angles, so from people who create presentations (the PowerPoint wizz’s out there), from those on the front line that present and from the folks in the audience, the people who have to endure, or enjoy the presentations they receive. We’d also like to hear from anyone who has ever received any presentation training in the past…

In this first survey, we would love to hear from people who CREATE business presentations. So if you create slides in PowerPoint, prepare zooms in Prezi or if you have anything to do with the building of a presentation at all, then we want to hear from you…

We want to build a picture of what the real world looks like for those who create presentations.

Technology is moving forward at an amazing rate, with
new presentation software becoming available on an
almost weekly basis, we want to know if PowerPoint still wears the crown? Or has a shift occurred?

How long do you spend working on presentations? Just how much do you consider your audience when creating?

Answers to these questions will highlight for us all, what’s going on in the world of business presentations in 2015, whilst possibly showing trends in different industries.

Worry not, we don’t want your name or email address, because this survey is about making your presentation life easier, not adding to your inbox!

There are only 9 short and very straightforward questions, all with multiple choice answers, meaning we can hand on heart say you’ll be done inside the next 60 seconds!

So please, take the survey here


Thursday, September 17th, 2015 by Matt<

During our numerous activities, such as presentation training, live webinars or even articles on this very blog, there is one particular question we get asked all the time…

Where can I get good stock images and graphics from?

rsz_1graphics_picThis is because we are always advising our customers on how to strengthen their presentation messages, how to make that slide or that message more easily digested and remembered by the audience.

Strong imagery is a great way to connect with your audience, using the right picture can set the tone and emotion of the presentation and likewise using the wrong imagery can harm this communication…

“Well-chosen images not only help demonstrate a point, they lock it into your audience’s psyche. The visual is often the key to them remembering and being able to share/act on your message; it acts as the synapse to recall.” Eyeful’s founder Simon Morton, The Presentation Lab

Images and graphics are a key building block in all presentations, but where do you get good ones?

When it comes to sourcing images, google images is NOT the best place to go due to the possibility of copyright infringement.

You don’t need to rely on search engine websites either, there are numerous free and paid websites out there with great quality imagery.

To save you from trawling around the web, we’ve pulled together a few of our favourites in a rather useful stock image guide, which we’ve broken into those that are free and those you have to pay for…


Don’t forget to bookmark the page for future reference and to vote for the site you think is most useful…