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Monday, November 23rd, 2015 by Matt<

An interesting new PowerPoint plugin appeared in my inbox recently, with a colleague asking my thoughts on it…

So in true Eyeful style, I’ve created an instructional review, so you can find how to get it and what we think about it – all in one place!

So, what is Social Share?

Social Share is a plugin that allows you to share your presentations on Facebook and Twitter, as either screen grabs, full slides or complete presentations – depending on the social media channel chosen…

You simply download and install the plugin and the next time you open PowerPoint the app will be there… you then need to link your social media accounts to it and your good to go.

rsz_picture1_v2 (1)


When you choose to share on Facebook, you can share a screen clipping as an image, share all of your slides as a photo album or as a video – and this is all created from within the app.

Something to be aware of, this app is nosey – very nosey! When I linked it to Facebook, I restricted the settings so that the app couldn’t see my personal photos, videos or my public profile and I restricted it to posting only to my friends.

Facebook Test 1 – Sharing a screen clip

For my first test, I chose to share a screen clipping of one of my slides…


rsz_1picture3With the clip ready, I ticked the box to include a link to my slides, as I was interested to see what this might look like – alas, the app simply crashed and did so every single time I selected this option.

With it now unticked, I hit the post button and seconds later my clipping appeared on my Facebook profile!

Facebook Test 2 – Sharing all slides as an image library

I imagine this would look really nice on Facebook, but unfortunately, this didn’t work either – the app just froze. Again.

If this function ever works for you, a word of warning…

If your slides contain layered objects due to animation, the image will only display in its unanimated state, which might not look its best…


Facebook Test 3 – Sharing all slides as a video

Finally, I tried the option to post the deck as a video and as it rendered out, I wondered if the app was doing the hard work or if it was PowerPoints own video output option was rendering out? It was perhaps a combination of the two as the video created was in its own unique player skin.

To be fair, the render didn’t take long and the result on Facebook looked pretty good, it rendered out at the right quality for a small Facebook window, however the sound quality was initially awful, clearly the app had applied some compression.

I switched on an HD option on the player and the sound and picture quality instantly improved…


Playing full screen though should be avoided, as the video pixilated instantly and looked horrendous!

On my iPhone 6, the experience was excellent, the video auto-played smoothly and the picture was crisp and clear.


Again linking our Twitter account to the app set security alarm bells, but in for a penny eh!


With the app now viewing, following and doing goodness knows what else with our twitter account, I continued and posted the screen clipping, which sadly, is the only option for Twitter.

To make it a little more interesting I created a short link pointing to a video version of this presentation, which worked quite well…


Final Thoughts…

The truth is, the app gives little more functionality than what is already available, taking screen shots and converting your presentation to a video is nothing new… and it’s a simple job to then upload and share these on social media.

The only real USP with the Social Share App, is that you can do all of the above, in one easy, very quick step without the need to ever leave PowerPoint.

Great! But why?

That’s the burning question here, why post your presentation on social media?

I think this is where I struggle most with this app, presentations by default are created to be delivered, usually in person to an audience – now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge believer in the presentation landscape and that presentation delivery needs to flexible.

But even so, I just can’t image ever creating a PowerPoint presentation that I would want to share on social media, it just doesn’t feel quite right.

So, I think this app needs to be viewed from a different angle, one where you create a PowerPoint, not for a live presentation, but as a standalone marketing document, that delivers its message with context, without the need of a live presenter.

This could be as a video with a voiceover presenter, or as more of a document – PowerPoint can handle the creation of all these things…

Here at Eyeful, we create a lot of great looking standalone documents like this, with our new favourite bit of tech, Turtl.

The thing is, a user friendly cloud app like Turtl, makes it easy for none designer SME’s to focus on their content, whilst creating something easy on the eye.

As we all know by now, it’s difficult to create something that looks great in PowerPoint, without having design skills. However, it is pretty easy to knock up a pig’s ear in no time, but would you really want to share that with the world?

So I guess, getting back to the app, it does what it says on the tin. I just worry that the quality of PowerPoint presentations we are going to see shared on social media and if they are going to do more harm than good to your business?

Also, where is the Linked In sharing option? This app really doesn’t feel like it has much of a business use.

But, what do you think? Will you use this app and share your presentations on social media?

Leave your comments below…

Or contact us on Linked In, Twitter or Facebook!

Unleashing the True Power of Presentation Training…

Friday, November 13th, 2015 by Liz<

Now that I have your attention I wanted to share with you this fabulous interactive insight into Eyeful’s Presentation Training.

Eyeful has spent the last 12 years working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, and as the UK’s leading presentation consultancy, we have the insight and knowledge to deliver material that it is both relevant and commercially focused for your organisation.

In this interactive document (packed to the gills with ideas, videos and insight), we share with you why we at Eyeful approach presentations differently (and why we implore you to do the same).


Which prompts the question – where next for your presentations?

Our aim here at Eyeful is a simple one – we want to equip our clients with the most persuasive and powerful presentations and skills available.  The good news is that we’re well on our way…

We have long standing client relationships across a range of sectors and presentation types, and have delivered Presentation Training for the last 11 years. What’s more, we’ve recently refreshed and refined our training offering to reflect the insight shared in our critically acclaimed book, The Presentation Lab…and it’s never been more powerful.

“Each engagement with Eyeful represents one more step towards a world of better internal presentations and more engaged audiences”

…And that can only be good news for businesses (and presentations) everywhere.

If you’d like to find out more, please have a look around the Training pages on our website, or give us a call. We’d love to chat….


We’ve come full circle – the enduring power of pen and paper

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 by Simon Morton<


Today, whilst storyboarding a new presentation, I found myself gazing at my pencil and thinking, ‘how can such a simple thing be so damn powerful…”

You see, I’m old (and grey) enough to recall a time before email, the internet and smartphones…

These everyday pieces of tech have vastly increased the amount of work we produce each day, not to mention, how we produce it.

I look at the variety of daily tasks I find myself doing these days and it’s mind boggling. The pure volume of work seems like a million miles away from my first proper grown up job as a graduate trainee for a large insurance company…

Back then, hard copy policy documents, invoices and quotations were all paper documents that moved around the office (indeed, the country) in a slow but regular postal procession, which more often than not, accompanied by a hand written memo.

That’s right kids, we used a pen and paper to actually hand write messages to an unseen colleague (often based in Swindon for some reason).

If we needed to keep a copy, we used carbon paper, the 80’s version of ‘copy and paste’.

All of this paper based note writing though, left me with two skills…

– Improved/slightly less questionable handwriting
– The ability to think about what to write, before committing to paper. After all, the message had to fit on a small bit of paper and make sense!

Fast forward over 20 years and I’m still relying on these skills today…

Ok, so the handwriting has gone downhill (just ask any of my colleagues). But the ability to plan, ponder and consider all the options is something that now underpins pretty much everything Eyeful does.

Eyeful is a presentation company that covers all the areas of presentation creation.

Our core business is all about developing powerful structured presentation stories that connect with audience, before coupling this with outstanding visual design.

This approach to projects has led to great success, plaudits and recognition…

All of these successes stem from one thing, the ability to think and plan with nothing more than a pencil and paper (and a cuppa)…

Engaging and valuable presentation stories come from within (or, with a bit of prodding through a workshop).

Equally, powerful presentation visuals aren’t just reliant on brilliant designers – they start from clarity of thought.

All of Eyeful’s project planning begins with taking a step back and taking the time to review everything with an open mind, before planning the presentation on paper in the form of a storyboard.

So the next time you need to plan a presentation, we implore you to take time to plan, scribble and doodle with nothing more than paper and a pen and then and only then, fire up the PC.

The impact could be huge (just ask our clients).

If you need any help (or storyboard pads) you know where we are



Thursday, October 22nd, 2015 by Matt<

Last week Microsoft’s flagship presentation program PowerPoint hit the shelves through Office 16…

But is it any good? Myself, Matt Roper, Eyeful’s self-confessed chief Geek and one of our amazing Technical PowerPoint Trainers, Ms Lorna Boyer sat down with a cuppa, a camera and chatted about all things PowerPoint 16.

So if you have 10 mins this lunchtime, why not put the kettle on, grab your lunch and check out what PowerPoint’s latest incarnation has to offer…

If you would like to skip to a specific section, the video chapters are:

0.00 Introduction
1.24 New Graphs
2.21 New Feature: Tell Me What You Want to Do
4.00 New Video Tools
5.35 Collaborative Working
8.18 Conclusion: Should you upgrade to PowerPoint 16?
9.20 PowerPoint 16 Technical Training information

We hope you found this video interesting and informative, if there are any pieces of presentation software or tools that you would like Eyeful’s take on, please do just let us know

Bringing our Presentation Labs to Life

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015 by Liz<

We love nothing more here at Eyeful Towers than the buzz of a really busy day in the office, especially when we have customers coming in for training in our Presentation Labs. There is something about the smell of fresh coffee and posh biscuits that we just can’t resist.

Couple that with a great bunch of customers as well and we’re really onto a winner! We recently had the pleasure of working with a lovely team from Jaga Heating Products.

The Jaga team consisted of Project Managers, Technical Consultants and Sales Managers who all received our two-day training course which focussed on equipping them with new strategies and approaches for both the preparation and delivery of their presentations.

Every aspect of the programme was tailored to the team’s day-to-day needs, from the sector specific scenarios we asked them to prepare and present back, to the slides they used to present with.

This approach allowed us, and more importantly them, to see real-time, instant transformations to their presentation delivery. The methods and approaches shared were put into practice during the training and not forgotten about the minute they left the session.

One of the team was delivering a presentation the very next day and reported back to us that he had found himself with a new spring in his step.

“I have a new found confidence, not only in my presentation skills but also in the content that I am delivering.

The optimised presentation and new delivery methods taught during the training, mean that I have really been able to give the presentation my all. Thanks Eyeful”

In terms of ROI, the senior management confirmed that the training programme had delivered beyond expectations, reinvigorating the team and equipping them with new skills that were already being put into practice.

One of the team loved The Presentation Labs (and the biscuits) so much so that he popped back in for a second visit and kindly gave us the great feedback in the video below…

To find out more about our Training Courses or to visit The Presentation Labs for yourselves then please drop me a line, I would love to hear from you.

All of our training can be delivered onsite in our Presentation Labs, at a venue of your choice, or via a variety of other methods, including video and online resources. Whatever works best for you, although we do not take responsibility for the quality of any other venues biscuits, only our own!


Presentation lessons from Sam Allardyce

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 by Simon Morton<

Being a Premier League football manager is tough.

The egos, the press, the fans…they all seem to conspire to make your life hell.  The last thing you need is your presentation adding to the woes…which is exactly where ‘Big’ Sam Allardyce, current manager of Sunderland, found himself a few years ago.

Imagine the scene a few years ago.  In the wake of a tough World Cup campaign, Big Sam had been given the opportunity to go for the top job – England Manager.

This is the stuff of childhood dreams, allowing him to wave goodbye to the heady heights of managing Bolton Wanderers and taking his beloved national side to glory.

So he did what ever aspiring manager would do, spending hours, days, weeks creating the best blinking PowerPoint deck you could imagine.

“”I wanted to do a real knock-your-socks-off interview for the FA, so I put together a PowerPoint which looked at every single detail.

“There was nothing missing. Nobody but nobody was going to beat it”

A big PowerPoint file from a big man for a big opportunity.  Well done Sam…or maybe not.

Only problem was that the Football Association (the much loved FA) didn’t have a projector or any means of showing off Sam’s PowerPoint masterpiece.  They couldn’t even print it off.

Oh dear.  The rest is history with the dream job going to Steve Mclaren (albeit briefly).

Lessons learned:

  • If you rely on technology to tell your story, you’re fighting with one hand behind your back before you’ve even started. (ref. Eyeful Training)
  • Always have an alternative option or 2 up your sleeve (ref. Blended Presenting)
  • Think about your audience and their expectations first (ref. Audience Heatmapping)

I think that’s enough ref’s for now…Sam is not a big fan.


Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 by Matt<

I’m sure like me you’ve seen the new iPhone 6s advert a whole bunch of times and Apple’s rather innovative (if slightly unbelievable) strapline of…


It’s a lovely line, if true.

And if I could think up a strapline to describe PowerPoint 16 it would be similar, but would read, “The only thing that’s changed is nothing”!

I tell a lie, the colour of PowerPoint is now a slightly deeper shade of orange.

If these sound like the bitter and twisted words of some pro Prezi, PowerPoint hater then you couldn’t be more wrong.  I absolutely love PowerPoint and particular PowerPoint 16. So if nothing’s changed, why do I love PowerPoint 16 so much?

Because it’s exactly the same as PowerPoint 13, which is an absolutely brilliant version of the worlds most used presentation tool.

So please don’t think for one moment that PowerPoint 16 isn’t good, because it’s great. It’s just not the progressive leap that PowerPoint 13 was from 2010.

Ok, so I’ve taken a good look around and there a few and I mean few new things!

Charts have had an upgrade with the introduction of 5 new creatively named graphs, including “Box and Whisker” (which I promise is not a form of cat food)…

Remember data tells a story and there is no point showing your audience an interesting nice new looking sunburst graph if all it does is confuse them. Whatever the story is in your data, make sure that it’s crystal clear to your audience!

The ability to add in clip-art has gone! Gone and hopefully never, ever to be seen again…


Tell me There’s a new box at the top of PowerPoint, that allows you to type into it, for example you could select an image and start typing “hyperlink” which would bring up the option to “Add a hyperlink” which is kind of handy.

This is more useful when the function you need is hidden away in the menus, so you could type “Align” instead of going to “Format” and then “Align”.

It’s not much of an improvement for accessing regular tools, as its best to keep links to these in a well organised “Quick Access Toolbar”.

But if it’s a function you know exists but don’t know where find it, then it will come in very handy.

I also think this is more for people with devices using Cortana, as using voice recognition will speed things up no end, compared to typing.

In terms of additional tools and functionality, that’s about all that’s new to PowerPoint 16.

So I guess the strapline should be, “The only things that’s changed is a couple of things!”.

The official strapline of Office 16 is actually…


The real changes to Office 16 are to its real time collaborated working environment…

The online videos that demonstrate this in Word look absolutely amazing, with 2 or more people logged into the same file, at the same time, typing as the page live updates in front of their very eyes.

Sadly, the PowerPoint experience really depends on how your organisation’s data is arranged.

At Eyeful we work like many others, we have an HQ with multiple users in different offices and users, along with individual team members who are field based, with us all accessing files from a central server, so true collaborative working would have been a game changer – sense the tone.

Myself and my designer colleague Lorna have recently upgraded to 2016 and thought we would put the real time collaboration through its paces…

Alas, when Lorna went onto the server and opened the same file as me, she got the age old error message:

“Matt Roper is working on [doc name]. Do you want to open a read-only copy in the meantime?” Great, not much collaborating going on here then!

After some researching and testing, we found by saving the file onto our corporate OneDrive account, we could both open and edit the file in PowerPoint at the same time.

The collaborative experience was quite clunky though. If I made a change, Lorna could only see it if I saved the file. She would then receive a notification in a tiny grey box that an updated version was available.

Updates Avail

We took our stroll through the virtual collaborative working arena into the cloud and things got a little better.

By collaborating in the cloud based PowerPoint App, we started to see changes happening in real time, great, but…

Unfortunately the solution was also the problem…

You see the online version of PowerPoint is and, how can I put this gently, RUBBISH!

It lacks so many features, it doesn’t even have the most basic of tools such as “Align”. How can anybody create a new presentation without the ability to align objects and keep things looking consistent and neat?

The PowerPoint App is better for making small text and image changes, it’s simply not cut out for designing and creating proper presentations and thus has little to offer when it comes to live collaboration.

For us, the hassle of moving files back and forth between our server and Onedrive means this form of collaborative working is simply not an option.

Moving away from collaborative working, PowerPoint 16 is a really excellent piece of presentation creation software and if you would like to master it we have an excellent course to support you, it’s just not the leap and bounds jump we got from Office 10 to Office 13, nor the truly collaborative working environment that Microsoft are promising.

Our verdict is if you have PowerPoint 2013, it’s probably not worth upgrading.

If you have PowerPoint 2010 or older, 2016 is a must have presentation creation tool, but when it comes to true collaborative working, it really isn’t as good as what Microsoft are suggesting…

So when it comes to PowerPoint and collaborative working, please do insert your own word to compete the strapline…


And let us know your thoughts once you’ve tried out the latest version of PowerPoint…

The First Step To A World Beating Presentation

Friday, September 25th, 2015 by Matt<

It’s such a terrible feeling when you’re stood in front of your audience and things just aren’t going well, you get that knot in your stomach, your palms go sweaty and from nowhere a stutter appears.

It’s so frustrating when you genuinely know your stuff, but for some unknown reason, you just can’t get your audience to understand that you are genuinely trying to help them. That’s one kind of awful presentation experience.

But there’s an even worse one…

Where the presentation goes great, but for some illogical reason the audience isn’t interested in following your call to action.

Where did you go so wrong?

Well, this is where Eyeful can help, we offer a completely free Presentation Healthcheck Service.

All you need to do is email us your presentation and one of our expert presentation consultants will give you a call back to get the full picture of what you’re trying to achieve.

They will then fully review your slides and figure out where your presentation isn’t working as well as it could and provide you with invaluable feedback to take your presentation to the next level.

The next level being where your presentation’s key messages flow effortlessly, visuals look impressive and you stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Getting your Presentation Healthchecked won’t cost you a dime, so what are you waiting for? Just send your presentation over and we’ll get to work on suggesting how to make it the very best it can be…


Thursday, September 17th, 2015 by Matt<

During our numerous activities, such as presentation training, live webinars or even articles on this very blog, there is one particular question we get asked all the time…

Where can I get good stock images and graphics from?

rsz_1graphics_picThis is because we are always advising our customers on how to strengthen their presentation messages, how to make that slide or that message more easily digested and remembered by the audience.

Strong imagery is a great way to connect with your audience, using the right picture can set the tone and emotion of the presentation and likewise using the wrong imagery can harm this communication…

“Well-chosen images not only help demonstrate a point, they lock it into your audience’s psyche. The visual is often the key to them remembering and being able to share/act on your message; it acts as the synapse to recall.” Eyeful’s founder Simon Morton, The Presentation Lab

Images and graphics are a key building block in all presentations, but where do you get good ones?

When it comes to sourcing images, google images is NOT the best place to go due to the possibility of copyright infringement.

You don’t need to rely on search engine websites either, there are numerous free and paid websites out there with great quality imagery.

To save you from trawling around the web, we’ve pulled together a few of our favourites in a rather useful stock image guide, which we’ve broken into those that are free and those you have to pay for…


Don’t forget to bookmark the page for future reference and to vote for the site you think is most useful…

8 Awesome Innovation Designs

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 by Matt<

It’s that time of year again, where the Eyeful design team proudly unleash their innovation projects to the world!

Over the past couple of months, every ounce of downtime they’ve had, has seen them get their heads down and work on their individual pieces ready for this moment.

The brief was to take a piece of audio from a movie, book, story or a poem and to create a visual version.

And boy have they delivered… prepare to be wowed and amazed at what can only be described as ‘visual masterpieces’.

All 8 are packaged up below for you to peruse, share and save for future inspiration.

Enjoy and don’t forget to vote for your favourite…