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Thursday, July 6th, 2017 by Matt<

Ok, hands up who has ever done any of these things when attending a webinar?

Checked email
Continued working
Scanned through your Facebook feed
Logged off due to the dire content

It isn’t surprising when most webinars are incessantly self-promoting, with the presenter going on and on about their company, where they are based and how esteemed their board of directors are…

Couple that with PowerPoint presentation designs that are devoid of quality, animation and anything resembling a logical story or structure.

Now add in the fact there is no body language to follow from either party.

That’s how most sales pitches feel using an online meeting tool – with absolutely no connection between presenter and audience.  What results is a tug of war between an overly enthusiastic presenter and an isolated audience…and nobody wins.

Which is no good for you as a presenter. You somehow need to build a connection with your audience, keeping them engaged, interested and enthused enough to follow your call to action.

How do you do this?

Well, today at 12.30 (UK) Eyeful’s founder (and all-round presentation expert) Simon Morton is delivering a webinar on webinars in…

Business Success through Online Meetings – The Power of Trust & Rapport

This is a fantastic opportunity to find out…

How you can use web technology to build trust with prospects and customers
How you can easily create intimacy with your remote audiences through use of an online ‘blended approach’
How to move the online engagement from ‘presentation’ to ‘conversation’
See an example of a webinar presentation created and delivered by a renowned presentation expert

Register now to get the expert advice to that will give your next webinar a much greater chance of success…


Thursday, November 17th, 2016 by Matt<


Technical Presentations have a bit of a reputation…

Many think they are boring, over complicated affairs written by experts, only for experts.

But here at Eyeful, we know the truth. Technical Presentations can be the most exciting, interesting and important types of presentation.

Scientists, Engineers, and programmers (to name just a few subject matter experts) are the people that change our world, making it better, safer and healthier.

We know how important you are…

So, when it comes to your presentations it’s essential that your amazing ideas don’t just talk to the other experts in the room but connect with the decision makers you need to convince to make your ideas become reality.

This is why we created The Technical Lab, our Fast Track one day training course in how to create Technical Presentations.

The Technical Lab is way more in depth than a generic advanced PowerPoint training day, you’ll learn the theory behind how to turn complicated information into presentations that shine out a clear and consistent message to the entire audience.

We are sharing some of the insights from this successful presentation training day in our forthcoming webinar:

The Technical Lab Surgery on Tuesday 22nd November at 4pm…

THINK – The importance of audience analysis is discussed, providing the science behind our Audience Heatmap technique; this will provide the tools for you to start presenting in a more engaging and impactful way.

ACT – Our Must, Intend, Like objective-setting process will help you reassess and focus on the overall goal of your presentation, and provide you with the best strategy for achieving it.

DELIVERBlended Presenting will introduce you to the concept of creating a presentation story that’s strong enough to get your message delivered, understood and retained, whatever the environment it needs to be delivered in.

The webinar is being delivered by Eyeful’s founder Simon Morton, the author of the widely acclaimed book The Presentation Lab. So, this is a great chance to get valuable insight from Europe’s leading presentation expert.

So, to join us on Tuesday, just register here and we’ll look forward to helping make sure your presentations help you turn your ideas into reality.

Eyeful’s MD Simon Morton Reveals Some Of The Secrets Behind Great Presentations

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 by Matt<

Hold everything and enter the following in your Outlook reminder…

Wednesday 26th August 2015 – 3pm GMT

Eyeful’s MD Simon Morton is getting grilled live on the internet as the next guest in iSpring’s Leadership Series. iSpring are a very well respected software company who create E-Learning and PowerPoint conversion software (we should know – we use it all the time).

It’s an inspiring series and if you want to create or deliver the best possible presentations, then this interview is for you.

Heat Map - CompressedSimon will be discussing some of the topics from his acclaimed book, The Presentation Lab which contains lots of concepts and ideas to help presenters get the best results from their presentations.

One such concept is the Audience Heatmap, which is used at the planning stage to make sure the presentation will connect and resonate with its audience. But what is an Audience Heatmap and how can you use it? Simon will explain all.

The most important element of a successful presentation is the design, right? Wrong. Simon will explain what is, so that you know where exactly to focus your efforts.

There will be lots of other practical examples of presentation do’s and don’ts as well as some of Simon’s favourite presentation innovations too.

All there to give you inspiration, ideas and help you create better presentations.

It would be a real shame for any serious presenters to miss out, so sign up here and enjoy the interview on anything from your PC to your iPad.

Look forward to seeing you there…

Smarta Webchat – Simon Reveals All

Friday, January 24th, 2014 by Simon Morton<

Regular readers will know that back in October we were extraordinarily excited by our success in making the grade as a Smarta 100 winner.

Making the an impact in the category ‘Best People’ was a great endorsement of what we (and our customers) have known all along – great people make great things happen.

The Eyeful Story has been quite a journey. From a back bedroom enterprise to six international offices (and a book) in ten years is something of an achievement and just the kind of thing that many start-ups dream of.

For us it wasn’t a planned journey and it wasn’t always an easy one either, but we got there and cemented our place as one of the best presentation consultancy and design providers in the world.

On Wednesday 29th January at 12.30 Simon Morton will be sharing his experiences, answering questions about how Eyeful managed to become a global force and offering advice on how to (and how not to) take your business to the next level. Hosted by our lovely friends at Smarta the webchat is free to attend and asking questions is easy…simply click through this link to join in.

When Is A Presentation Not A Presentation?

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 by Simon Morton<

The quick response is ‘when there are no slides’ but we don’t agree with that at all. We’ve been banging on about the power of stories for a while now but this week gave us an unexpected and, if we’re honest, unwanted opportunity to prove our point.

Monday’s Autumn sales webinar was planned with the level of pernickety perfectionism that we’re (in)famous for here at Eyeful. We’d given the whole thing the same love and attention we give to customer projects, identifying key messages, building our storyflow then developing and scripting the story itself before creating the slides that bought the visual element to life.

Then just as our eager attendees were logging in for some sales enlightenment, the tech gremlins stuck – we could see our lovely slides but our audience couldn’t, and no amount of frantic button pressing at our end made the slightest bit of difference.

Many great presenters have faced similar issues and our intrepid MD Simon Morton wasn’t about to let this hiccup derail the whole enterprise, after all, if we’re right and the story is more important than the slides, it wouldn’t matter at all.

Or would it??

As someone who regularly gets sucked into the murky world of metrics I’m rarely impressed with statistics but here’s one that I’m very proud to share: only 2 attendees left the webinar when it became apparent that we were unable to placate the gremlins.

Any presenter would consider that a successful event, but when it comes to demonstrating the importance of stories it’s a resounding endorsement of our belief in the concept of ‘Stories Not Slides’.

Just to put the icing on the cake of this particular bout of smugness, the webinar was repeated later in the day and the tech gremlins were nowhere to be seen, yet all the complimentary emails received at Eyeful Towers were from attendees of the earlier session…..

And if that’s not food for thought on how a presentation can engage an audience through strength of story alone, I don’t know what is.

For the sceptics amongst you, here is the webinar in full.

Monday Sales Inspiration

Monday, September 30th, 2013 by Simon Morton<

It’s Monday again and once the trawl through the weekend spam is finished the new week begins in earnest. The question is, will this week be just like last week or can you make a real impact on those sales figures?

All it takes to make this week special is a little extra inspiration and here at Eyeful we’re ready to help you make the difference.

Our free autumn update webinar is full of tips to help you make the changes that will mark this week as the turning point in your sales strategy.

It’s a long journey from hello to handshake and we can help you every step of the way.

To join us at 12 noon today please click here

To join us at 5pm today please click here

Blended Presenting – The Webinar

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 by Simon Morton<

On Wednesday September 18th at 16.00 GMT our esteemed leader, Mr Simon Morton, will be teaming up with our friends at Brainshark to tell the world about how our Blended Presenting methodology is changing presentation delivery.

The way business is done has changed, business interactions are often less formal than the traditional board room or seminar, but every opportunity still involves presenting. Getting the balance right and ensuring that you get your message across every time is about embracing new skills and technologies and then learning to use them appropriately.

The key to success is having a strong, engaging story and then conveying it to your audience in a way that resonates with them.

Much of our methodology resolves around good old common sense, trying to present to 50 people on an iPad is a fool’s errand, but Blended Presenting has a little more magic to it than that.

Simon will be sharing a little Eyeful love with all the attendees, giving them the insights that make the difference between giving a presentation and making a real impression.

To register simply click through this link.

PowerPoint 2013 Webinar – See What The Fuss Is All About

Friday, August 24th, 2012 by Simon Morton<

Last Friday saw a double helping of webinar excitement here at Eyeful Towers when our resident übergeek Matt and illustrious MD Simon revealed their thoughts on PowerPoint 13 to the World. With over 100 attendees, there was a real energy to the webinars and the excitement hasn’t ended there:

“Many thanks to you both – v good session so thanks for sharing your knowledge!!”

“Hi from Melbourne, Australia! That was a really informative presentation – thanks very much for the preview. I’m looking forward to using this at work when they upgrade to 2013 (in about 2017…!)”

Enjoyed the #PowerPoint 2013 webinar – nice work and thanks for sharing the knowledge!”

Since the webinar, we’ve had a number of people ask for us to add a copy onto our YouTube channel…so here you go!  Enjoy…

Join us for the “What’s This PowerPoint 2013 Thing All About?” Webinar

Friday, August 10th, 2012 by Simon Morton<

Eyeful Presentations has been following the progress of PowerPoint 2013 for a while now…

We even dreamed of what may be to come. Twice.

We were excited by the widescreen default, intrigued by the Apple v Microsoft back story, thrilled by the mobile integration and impressed by the cloud functionality.

Then we gave it to our resident übergeek (we call him Matt) who almost frothed at the mouth during his flurry of experimentation with PowerPoint 2013. But describing the new features doesn’t quite cut the mustard, and a screen shot is just a picture, so we’ve decided to show our customers the future of PowerPoint in a much more interesting way.

On Friday the 17th of August we will be showcasing PowerPoint 2013 for all our friends and customers as a Webinar, available at 12 noon and 17.00 (BST).  Signing up is easy, simply follow the following links to book on one of the sessions:

12 noon BST (13.00 CEST) – click here

17.00 BST – (12 noon EDT) click here

See you there!

Eyeful Goes Dutch – The Launch Webinar

Monday, September 19th, 2011 by Simon Morton<

As part of our continued excitement surrounding our launch in The Netherlands we are delighted to invite you to the Eyeful Presentations.NL launch webinar.

clogsOver the last 6 years, Eyeful has gained international recognition as a company that has transformed the quality and impact of business presentations.

Our “Presentation Optimisation” approach is the secret ingredient behind the presentation success of companies like Adobe, American Express and Visa.

In this launch webinar, we’ll introduce you to the following:

  • Why most business presentations bore, confuse or simply miss the point.
  • What is Presentation Optimisation…and why is it so effective?
  • How a “Blended” approach allows you to think beyond the constraints of PowerPoint.

We’ll also be pulling upon real-life stories from companies just like yours to help demonstrate the dramatic impact of Presentation Optimisation.

If that’s not exciting enough we’ll also be offering a limited number of free Presentation Healthchecks to webinar attendees.  This comprehensive audit of your current presentation will highlight the areas that are working well…as well as identifying any areas that need development.

As always our webinars are open to friends old, new and as yet unknown so please join us on the latest leg of our international journey!

We look forward to “meeting” you on the 22nd at 12noon CET. Unfortunately space is limited so please reserve your Webinar seat by clicking here.